29th July 2011

What can I say it has been and interesting few weeks to say the least, The Gordon Ramsay bash in aid of Scottish Spina Bifida is past. its old news, oh my goodness all those busy days sleepless nights endless phonecalls I should be bored…
So 2 days later in between all those shifts I had planned a family holiday for 10days cycling in Belgium, keen cyclers in Scotland I thought this was a great option so bikes packed panniers bigger than humanely possible some say Saddle bags but we wont go there!! Off we went 5hr drive to Hull leave the van and the cycle began, crossing a it choppy but hey its the North Sea, arrival in Zebrugge and its teaming down, kids slightly bemused at having to put on water proofs not part of their summer holiday iteninary. cycling to a few towns down the Flanders coast torrential everything we have soaked. jump on a Tram yip they take bikes, so Ewan un hitches the kids Tandem tag-a-long and loads the Tram kids check 2 guy bike 1 tandem 1 Ewan jumps off to get my bike the doors close.. I in the most lady like manner I have, whistle loudly to the driver funnily enough he does not hear me I press the buzzer frantically to no avail ok so for sure Plan B, Jemma wailing like i had run off with her the wee guy asking wheres Dad? me trying to think of a solution when no one speaking any English so fine I plan to stay to where I intened on Tram he can jump the next one 10minutes its cool< My phone is in my bike bag Ewan’s in his pocket me with one very large male mountain bike with no chance of getting my leg over! coupled with an attachement I stood no chance of towing, gets to the town by this time a kind gentleman assists, as You have to keep one foot on the step or door will close now he tells me! so we wait true to timetable one trundles along 10minutes later all re-united drama over pop onto a wee brasserie in AnZee 2 cheese on toast 2 pancakes 1btl water 55e …
Ewan kindly asks what do you want to do now as the rain is battering the side of the conservatory GO HOME we check the weather heavy rain for next 7days now we obviously are not shy of waterproofs however this is not my idea of a well earned break, so back on the bikes cycle like crazy back to Zebrugge trying not to upset children, merely just looking for a sunnier part of Belgium, they bought that bit. Get back on the ferry and head home, Dock at 9am tuesday load the bikes up again just about have enough battery in Blackberry for my plan, ok Glasgow airport what do you have flying out tonight? Ibiza…6pm so reach home 2.30pm quick bag change & packed off to airport check in at 4.15pm fly out at 6pm arrive in Cala Tarida Beach at 11pm all booked from the back of the van on a wilting phone, kids delighted sun shining we even hired mountain bikes so not a total cop out of cycling, however slightly hillier on that Island than my flat plan, hey ho these things are sent to try us.
Now back fully recovered & refreshed ready for Riverside Seafood Festival what a stunning location.www.glasgowmuseums.com/riverside 6th & 7th August then Piping Live 8th August at Georges square http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/ then Foodiesfestival Holyrood park Edinburgh http://www.foodiesfestival.com/edinburgh/ August should be another good one September already shaping up to be busy.
2nd Sept Dundee flower & food festival http://www.dundeeflowerandfoodfestival.com/ then saturday Master Chef of Great Britain lunch at Turnberry http://www.masterchefs.co.uk/ Sunday St Andrews Hospice Come Dine with us http://www.st-andrews-hospice.com/ an amazing event Willie Pike Joe Queen Phil from the www.Braeheadfoods.co.uk /Thecookschool and me all having a large amount of banter & cooking on stage its sure to be a very entertaining lunch I will be posting more info on that busy month all very soon!!

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