About Me

I have worked along side the best that Scotland/Britain has to offer from amazing Shirley Spears to Nick Nairn also Raymond Blanc & Tom Kitchin keeping my beliefs firmly on excellent Scottish produce from the Best Soft fruits that Angus provides, to the finest of Scottish malt whiskies in specialist food & drink demonstrations Farmers & fishermen the length of Scotland supply my busy eateries and also representing The Scottish Federation of Chefs in encouraging Females, Scotland and careers with what I do best.

From a very early age I remember being sent out to my grannies garden to pull rhubarb or turn the soil for tatties or pick up any apples Ithought this was all pretty hard work… I was 4 at the time!! my reward/payment for this hard earned labour was a stick of this crisp tart rhubarb with a wee pokey of sugar made from newspaper I am sure this is where my love of great homecooking using local produce all began.

Still rising to the challenges that the wonderful Scottish larder throws me I never seem to tire of cooking fantastic produce from a country that so expertly grows, rears or cultivates we have it all here from land, highlands & lowlands to our wonderful larder from the sea I style my cooking on simple & Scottish and mostly allowing the produce to speak for itself or rather shout. Believe me its not too difficult!

Follow me through the next stage of Jacqueline’s Journey from “Whats cooking Good Lookin” on the Angus soft fruit website, weekly recipe ideas from the fantastic produce from that wee pocket of Scotland to Big sis how does your garden grow? Believe or not I am taking the bull by the horns, I cannot rely on the in-laws for ever more so its time I increased my portfolio to include really homegrown!
Jacqueline O’Donnell
Big Sis of The Sisters restaurants Glasgow

To contact Jacqueline about Presenting, comparing judging or general blethering about food or demonstrations contact me on jak@thesisters.co.uk