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Countdown to Commonwealth…

At last just what we have all been counting down for, Wee Clyde is popping up everywhere, There are PINK Road signs….(Its catching on!!) It is incredible to be a part of the buzz and it is already really buzzing just waiting on everyone knocking on the door and Glasgow welcoming the world with a big smile;-)

We have been given a later license until 1am just to be able to look after the visitors with a bit more time on their side to go for something to eat, We will be serving food until 11pm(last orders) for the duration of the Glasgow 2014 The menu I have been working on is named a

“Foodie trip round Scotland”

I really hope that all of our visitors get time to see more of Scotland after the games, however if they do not get time then in The Sisters our Foodie trip menu there are tastes from Shetland, Ullapool, Stornoway, Dingwall, Stirling, Highlands, Isle of Mull, The Clyde Valley, Tayside …to name but a few so guaranteed we will let them sample the Scottish produce delights right here in the centre of Glasgow 2014. Click here to view our menu.

With such a busy time ahead I will need to get my head down and carry on cooking! I am moving straight into hosting the Foodies Festival in Edinburgh 8th, 9th &10th August so hopefully we can catch up there,

Also after such a successful time filming with for the Ayrshire new tatties I am excited about being involved with them again for Strawberry & raspberry picking too! So lots going on over the next four weeks so stay tuned …


Jak x

Finals and Closure

Phew! I can go home safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to watch from behind the couch anymore. Obviously you guys didn’t know the outcome but I did – imagine the torture! Also knowing when I had to leave the room like a naughty child (I didn’t enjoy that bit) – as I had to do it twice!!

All in all, what an amazing experience and honour getting to be part of the finals of Great British Menu 2014!

Working with such a poignant brief this year made it all the more worthwhile, especially as my style of cooking suited the theme so well. The feedback has been almost overwhelming. I had no idea just how many lovely people would get in touch. Each evening it felt as though my supporters were going through the same rollercoaster of emotions as me, whilst continually offering words of encouragement.

This kind of support was so uplifting…. quite honestly I had feared a much more critical response to the finals having not done as well as I would have liked, or indeed more scrutiny on the details and smaller technical things like not chopping things correctly or so on. As you can imagine, the paranoia was intense when being watched by millions!

However, everyone has been absolutely amazing and have even been sending cards as well and emails full of kind words. Some regulars even arrived with presents last weekend!

In short, what a wonderful experience and I feel so proud to have been a part of it. It looks like we will just have to wait and see what the brief is for the 10th anniversary series next year and indeed whether or not the ‘pink lady’ makes a return!


For now, both of The Sisters restaurants have the “Great British Menu” Menu running either as a 4 course stand alone, or you can choose my dishes individually from the A’la carte menu. So pop back to the site and book a table as it is filling up fast. We have such a busy summer ahead between Graduations starting in a few weeks to the Commonwealth Games nevermind the customers coming in just to taste my War Time Treat!

Thank you all so much for you support and I now look forward to serving my menu without a deadline or someone popping votes in a ballot box…..

A perfect recipe for Mother’s Day

Warm Homedmade Clootie Dumpling served with hot custard and vanilla ice cream

Warm Homedmade Clootie Dumpling served with hot custard and vanilla ice cream

Mother’s Day! – Spring is Springing and it’s a lovely time of year that allows the whole family to get together … even if some do protest !!

Now me!…

I might just be lucky enough for a slice of cold toast and a warm coffee what with my two children & 2 boisterous dogs – now no longer pups – galloping into the bedroom and proceeding to jump onto the bed, which I know they are not supposed to but hey, all they want is a cuddle all at the same time. That’s just how we roll in our house most weekends!

During the week it is a different matter. Maybe I should allow the pups to wake the children up in that same “adorable” slobbering way that Labradors do…

I try to be home for tea time on Mother’s Day and am greeted by my darling husband who’s annual cookathon is in motion. Cooking is a term I use loosely for guiding the kids. Jem being 9 is more than capable of rustling up something slightly more adventurous than my husband Ewan might (M&S let the oven do the work) and Jemma would have Ewan down at Corrigans buying scallops and langoustines with Dad’s wallet, if she could. She thinks it’s quite normal and acceptable to dine on scallops and langoustines every night! Fraser, my son, a practical sort will set the table and kindly pass me a glass of wine “Madam for you”

Simple Cakes for Simple smiles

I guess like me not all Mum’s get to go out for this special day and let’s face it you only have to make some tea & toast to get a winning smile from me. How about baking a fool proof, good honest cake that only involves a cheeky wee microwave (you could maybe even allow the under 10’s to make it) it’s simple and easy.

This recipe I have created must be kept a secret from all Grannies out there as nothing beats a Grannies Dumpling dried by the fire to get that squidgy skin, this however, is not a bad second.

So by elevenses’ her second cuppa with a slice of this will go down an absolute treat! Even if you have to open a carton of custard I’m ok with that we’ll talk homemade custard another day!
From me to you and all the Mums’ out there Enjoy x

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