BBC Good Food Show comes to Glasgow

The week ahead very busy, BBC Good Food Show comes to Glasgow, Day 1, I am compereing for Scotland’s best Chefs at The LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE Kitchen from the michelin stars of Martin Wishart & Tom Kitchen to Kevin McGillivary & also i am luicky enough to be on with Tana Ramsay with some fantastic children & family choices…no chicken nuggets there i hope!!
Also after a succesful stint last year in the tasting theatre we are back for more Scotlands Seashore all about it all the way round from the begininning many years ago!! from Sea to shore & all in between come along for a wee trip doon the watter.

What a fantastic day at Braehead Cook School Friends for Dinner style class of how to easily entertain your friends painlessly in the kitchen, from Perthshire pigeon & Macleods black pud salad to freshly plucked Pheasant roast with Orange Malt whisky & thyme and yes i did manage the ultimate slip when trying to say Plucking Pheasants! A long slow braised spalebone of beef warmed their hearts on a chilly October day, I even had a lovely American student from Boston doing cookery classes whilst over living in Scotland I just could not think of a better way to advance your cooking knowledge firstly by attending “Braehead Cook School” secondly being taught in the heart of the worlds best Larder!

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