BBC radio Scotland and Lenny Henry

I was in the studio at BBC radio Scotland this morning and Lenny Henry was also there a funny off mic comment….. well so he thought! as Lenny was leaving he shouted “Alwight ma love forgot to say you should’nt have washed your red pants with that” however Mic was still on you could see the look on the production teams face, leaving Fred to explain when back on air after a link “for any listeners that didnt quite get that Jak wears a pink chef jacket!” one of those funny mental images with words moment, I believe he is on STV The Hour this evening at 5pm. hope he doesnt go saying it on tv this time I am on cooking after him….

Just incase anyone out there would like to join the Sisters kelvingrove team I am looking for a new member to assist me in the kitchen must have experience pop me a cv over and we can have a chat. Jak x

I was lucky enough to be asked this week by the BBC radio Scotland team to present the Cookery Zones introducing some great archive Food & Cooking chats from Angela Harnett, Nick Nairn, Tony Singh & Rick Stein the bit I loved most was getting to say “Your listening to me, Jacqueline O’Donnell on BBC radio Scotland’s Culture zone” definitely happier on radio…. well I’ve got the face for it!!! log on

A fantastic date for my diary 25th February its a Fundraiser for my son’s nursery the local and fantastic nursery that belongs to Carmunnock its going to be a great night TICKETS SOLD OUT! and there is still 2 weeks to go!
Saturday the 12th March very busy demonstration day 1st half of the day in Sisters Kelvingrove for a private party dem then hot footing up to Sisters Jordanhill for the 2nd one phew!!

At The Cook School Scotland 25th march I have another great day at one of Scotlands best Cookery School come on down to Kilmarnock at Braehead Foods to have a fantastic day in the kitchen 21st century home economics I tell ye!! I won’t shout as much as your Home Economics teachers did though!! sorry Mrs Donald but you did shout not at me obviously “Star pupil” hehe

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