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BBC radio Scotland and Lenny Henry

I was in the studio at BBC radio Scotland this morning and Lenny Henry was also there a funny off mic comment….. well so he thought! as Lenny was leaving he shouted “Alwight ma love forgot to say you should’nt have washed your red pants with that” however Mic was still on you could see the look on the production teams face, leaving Fred to explain when back on air after a link “for any listeners that didnt quite get that Jak wears a pink chef jacket!” one of those funny mental images with words moment, I believe he is on STV The Hour this evening at 5pm. hope he doesnt go saying it on tv this time I am on cooking after him….

Just incase anyone out there would like to join the Sisters kelvingrove team I am looking for a new member to assist me in the kitchen must have experience pop me a cv over and we can have a chat. Jak x

I was lucky enough to be asked this week by the BBC radio Scotland team to present the Cookery Zones introducing some great archive Food & Cooking chats from Angela Harnett, Nick Nairn, Tony Singh & Rick Stein the bit I loved most was getting to say “Your listening to me, Jacqueline O’Donnell on BBC radio Scotland’s Culture zone” definitely happier on radio…. well I’ve got the face for it!!! log on

A fantastic date for my diary 25th February its a Fundraiser for my son’s nursery the local and fantastic nursery that belongs to Carmunnock its going to be a great night TICKETS SOLD OUT! and there is still 2 weeks to go!
Saturday the 12th March very busy demonstration day 1st half of the day in Sisters Kelvingrove for a private party dem then hot footing up to Sisters Jordanhill for the 2nd one phew!!

At The Cook School Scotland 25th march I have another great day at one of Scotlands best Cookery School come on down to Kilmarnock at Braehead Foods to have a fantastic day in the kitchen 21st century home economics I tell ye!! I won’t shout as much as your Home Economics teachers did though!! sorry Mrs Donald but you did shout not at me obviously “Star pupil” hehe


Just a few days in February and the diary getting well stocked, Firstly my date for Scottish Spina bifida has been confirmed well it better be, Thinking it was October as it has been for the past 3 years I thought I had plenty time to worry about finding my all female team, however since the charming Chef Ramsay decided to turn the heat up for the girls and its now getting held in the summer, unfortunately for me I had my family holiday booked!! Yip my long suffering/supporting husband and the 2 kids, 6 & 4 decided we would like to cycle this summer hopefully were its warmer, so we are heading to Belgium a wee trek first to Hull then boat trip and cycling down the coast of Flanders and staying there thankfully they were all very understanding and we have moved all the reservations on a few weeks I’m not sure I’ll be fit for such a long cycle after the run up to The Spina Bifida Ball??

Last November at The wonderful Country Living show 2010 I met up with a wonderful girl I used to work for oh dear maybe lets just say 20ish years ago Shiela from The Strathaven Hotel, I did quite a bit of pastry work for this great Family run hotel in Strathaven Sheila got me at the end of my demonstration and asked to see if I would be interested in a demonstration for a Ladies Lunch, so it got finalised last night 27th & 28th March all in aid of Leukemia I’m sure I will have a great day entertaining the ladies at this event.

Prior to that we have several more demonstrations at The Sisters

Mothers day. Do you want a wee day out with your mum or special friend? get her a wee voucher for my demonstration on the 21st May we will do a personilsed voucher just to make her day & don’t worry she won’t feel you are giving her a hint, its for a relaxing day with someone else cooking & washing up oh and pouring the wine!! book now at

Start of the year

Well i have had a great busy start to the year, and hello to eveyone who has came along to the demonstrations or indeed the Cook School Scotland you can usually catch me on Fred MacAulay BBC radio Scotland every Foodie Tuesday filling a 3 minute gap on an item of food of the week then every 3rd Tuesday and Thursday with Michelle & Stephen on STV “The Hour” having a wee cookery slot for family & budget cooking, so far no other big food shows coming up however plenty demonstrations at the Restaurants eith St Patricks night or Saturday lunch/Demonstration days there is always something on the website so keep a wee eye on for up and coming events & offers speak to you soon.

Hello am just about to do a wee interview on Glasgow/Scotlands food culture & revolution I remebered i got half way through a story as I often do at my cookery demonstrations, on saturday at Sisters Jordanhill or maybe there was a few stories…
I was giving the chat on Scotlands fabulous shellfish the story was about scallops and their differences when trying to explain, with actions! how the scallops moved through the water and there was amazing piece of footage on HFW programme Gone Fishing which was one of these fantastic late night viewing after a hard day in the kicthen…. yes i do go home and watch cookery/food shows Well especially when its in Scotland. Hugh was diving for scallops and they filmed the scallops moving just amazing and then they produced a both cooked and raw dish with the said scallops mouth watering and so proud to have this so close to home, however my elation on our wonderful larder was very much short lived as later on in the show after trying to convince the locals in Broadfoot Isle of Skye to chose Pollock over Haddock he proceeded to say “do you know what else they do in this country ?” have pudding from the chippy either it was my late night or the bottom of my wee glass of wine, I had no idea After that pause he went to the confectioner shelf of the chip shop opened the said chocolate & deep fried it, So back to my interview on revolution/culture we have an amazing reputation for growing rearing and producing the finest from the land sea & air so why oh why do we have the worst reputation for what we consume?

Oh here i go again

Hello there Oh here i go again its been a busy one I have been at the Retirment show last weekend and then The Amazing Country Living fair this weekend I have posted all my recipes ont he next page that i had prepared on stage if anyone happened to be there and witnessed the on going catastrophies i am surprised you still feel the need to want to cook with my recipes auch you know It’ll be alright on the night if your christmas day dinner goes down half as well as my christmas day make it easy it’ll go down a storm!!

Watch THE HOUR this week i am working with a family to give them lots of hints & tips at LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE I was cooking with a brilliant family Paula & Neal and their two smashing boys Zak & Harrison they get the pleasure of being on the couch with Michelle & Stephen You will need to let me know if the enjoyed their week with me as I wont see the show off to a family renunion in Salamanca this week so i will miss their report on how they got on so tune in from Monday the 22nd Novemebr. The next show is Foodies Christmas in Edinburgh drop me a line for some tickets if you want a wonderful kick start to your december x
There has been so much happening over the past month it was an amazing time up in Dundee for the Flower & Food festival then straight to London for the Speciality Fine Food show
A few weeks break then full steam ahead October week rest…well off cycling first leg here to Loch Lomond yip on the bike I will keep you posted on the great food stops along the way then second leg up to Ardishaig and cycling to Crinan then home to prepare for the Gordon Ramsay Gala Dinner Monday morning at The Science centre for Scottish Spina Bifida Association we will be working all week on that I have just not mentioned to Gordon that I need away on the tuesday morning to go next door to the BBC for Fred’s show then a quick jaunt to STV to film The Hour then straight back into the kitchen Chef!
I’m sure he’ll be fine…
Then straight into friday morning after the dinner on thursday night hosting all weekend & cooking at The Love Food hate Waste Cookery Theatre

Hopefully we will catch up soon x


A bit wet & driech this morning at Mansefield Park Particks Farmers market, that was just the weather. the produce was out standing, I ran round did a wee shop when I got there, arriving only with a few store cupboard ingredients we had a fabulous 3 courser …
Fencebay Fisherman Home smoked single sided haddock smoked over beechwood chippings even opening the packet was a pleasure I love the smell of quality smoked fish then to that we added Scotch tatties & onions and some blue cap milk salt pepper & sprinkling of chopped chives voila Cullen Skink in 10 minutes on a camping stove in the pouring rain at Partick on a Saturday morning
Then Neil Caskie kindly gave me some Superb Heather fed Black faced lamb which I braised then served with crisp organic green vegetables scattered fresh mint over the top and some lovely Lamb gravy. As a wee extra main course in the hope that the sun would show us its smiley face I seared fabulous Kezies Ostrich Fillet and served it with Perthshire Strawberry & Raspberry with some young rhubarb salsa mixed with chives mint thyme & basil the sun did’nt pop out but the dish farely brightened the place up!! For pudding well obviously I had some brilliant Scottish berries for garnish however the main event was how to do puff candy & butterscotch sauce in under 8 minutes a great mornings work hopefully they will have me back to do Sisters Saturday Kitchen in Partick, what more do you need the best produce around & how to serve it simply……
Hope to see you there soon
Big Sis

The Fishing Exibition in Glasgow 2010

I had a great day at The Fishing Exibition in Glasgow 2010 although the fisherman did not appear to find my Big Fish joke as funny as I thought it would be!! I was delighted to meet John Buchan from Trawlermen and he thoroughly enjoyed my modern Herring in Oatmeal, I will never take fo rgranted the availability of Herring again these boys work hard at it.
Next demonstrations are in Sisters Jordanhill April 24th & May 22nd Big sis will take you through a day of cooking from simple soups & sauces to the more detailed tricks of the trade. call 0141 434 1179 to book
Just round the corner its St Patrick’s day I will be hosting a great demonstration evening in the Emerald Isles honour, 4hrs jam packed with fantastic Irish food tips great Irish Whiskey from the fabulous Connemara distillery a few wee Galway Oysters for good measure not to mention the 5 courses of amazing food like home from Cork to Donegal we will skipping round the Island to have a taste of it all I will be heading North this weekend for the excellent Film on Food Fetsival in Kingussie hopefully the weather is kinder this year a fantastic event with all sort of great producers from the cairngorms I will be using Local Brown trout, Beer from The Cairngorm brewery especially with the name that I wont print…
Then its into March with a spring in my step heading to some great cookery demonstration dates this year so watch this column

BBC Good Food Show comes to Glasgow

The week ahead very busy, BBC Good Food Show comes to Glasgow, Day 1, I am compereing for Scotland’s best Chefs at The LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE Kitchen from the michelin stars of Martin Wishart & Tom Kitchen to Kevin McGillivary & also i am luicky enough to be on with Tana Ramsay with some fantastic children & family choices…no chicken nuggets there i hope!!
Also after a succesful stint last year in the tasting theatre we are back for more Scotlands Seashore all about it all the way round from the begininning many years ago!! from Sea to shore & all in between come along for a wee trip doon the watter.

What a fantastic day at Braehead Cook School Friends for Dinner style class of how to easily entertain your friends painlessly in the kitchen, from Perthshire pigeon & Macleods black pud salad to freshly plucked Pheasant roast with Orange Malt whisky & thyme and yes i did manage the ultimate slip when trying to say Plucking Pheasants! A long slow braised spalebone of beef warmed their hearts on a chilly October day, I even had a lovely American student from Boston doing cookery classes whilst over living in Scotland I just could not think of a better way to advance your cooking knowledge firstly by attending “Braehead Cook School” secondly being taught in the heart of the worlds best Larder!

Next demonstrations are based in Sisters Jordanhill

Next demonstrations are based in Sisters Jordanhill, a gourmet meal paired with the local distillery Auchentoshan for a feast of 6 course 6 dram a wee demonstration from myself and I haved secured a well known TV celebrity to be our head waiter for the evening…..This should be fun will this person cope in the real world???
Stay tuned for the next section of this new site we filmed The Highland show or should I say me on stage, so just editing it all just now… I dont half Blether when I’m on stage my goodness I had no idea!!
Unfortunately Foodies at the festival Glasgow has now been cancelled however I will still be demonstrating in George square that weekend 18 & 19 July for Gourmet Glasgow So pop over for a wee cookery show from Big Sis
I will be appearing on The Hour Show again on the 16th July I believe the great Dorothy Paul will be in the kicthen with me.

I will cooking up a storm in Braehead Cook School Thursday the 11th June with Scottish Seafood at its best.

Appearing on STV The Hour Show on the 16th & 18th June doing what I do best, Keeping It Simple & Scottish! tune in keep up with whats in season next week Its not that difficult

The Royal Highland Show

The Royal Highland Show 25th-28th June It will Be BERRY BERRY nice to see you there, Good Natured fruit from Angus in Sunny Scotland and just how simple it is to use fruit in every course its not just pudding you know, These berries are grown here here not flown here long may the Scottish season continue.
Also an Eggselant Eggxsiting display of cooking with eggs only the best from Glenrath Farms, Jam Souffle omlette yum yum I’ll even make the jam with no sugar afterall you do not get much sweeter than a good natured fruit.