Cook School Scotland Chef Day had a chef day on Monday 12th September where Craig the big boss guy!! gives something back, as he always does and invites all the Chefs for a day at the factory filled with demonstrations of products loads & loads of tasting sessions yes that does include beer (well it is chefs we are talking about!) However they dont open the bar until Chef Joe Queen appears and they have all had a good look around The best bit for me was clay pigeon shooting sadly I missed them all, it clearly take mores than my new Tweed jacket to be able to shoot! maybe thats why Craig never take me to any of their Estates!!
Last Tuesday after my usual stint with on which may I add I am delighted to be added on Radio Scotland’s funny bits podcast this week!! a good cook & funny… I headed down to The Cook School at Braehead foods for a day to launch all the new appliances in the cook school, now Miele know how much I like my coffee, so for all my efforts I have been treated to an amazing Bean to Cup coffee machine at home now the only problem is my coffee intake has soared, I finished off September with some great times at North Berwick which you will know I spend alot of time there, we hired a fantastic wee cottage the weather was fantastic we caught loads of Crab with the kids sadly not big enough for tea but the took care of that! sadly they close for the winter next weekend so where will a girl get her Langoustine supper from now?? I am off to tomorrow to make more cheese for the day with a lovely bunch of Ayrshire Coos were it began from one called Dewdrop I am really looking forward to that. The Seafish event for cooking Fish in a Flash is next week in Edinbrugh followed by I will be on the Winter kitchen then the last weekend is then a wee wind down for November except the excitement and word on the South Side is Wholefoods Giffnock is opening on the 16th November I am getting to cook in the coolest caravan in Scotland you wont be moaning if your stuck be hind this handsome van its an #Airstream yeehaa, Then are you believing it just getting ready to wind right back up for Christmas time woohoo. See you soon x

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