Before coming back to you I am off for a well earned break, we are off to Cycle the lovely coastline of Belgium yes I picked it because its flat!! however the luggage paniers for the bike are slightly heavier than I thought, Ewan has the two kids attached to the back of his bike on a tandem tag a long bike yes they do pedal… & I have the clothes for the 2 weeks I think my bike is heavier there is a dispute though as Ewan begs to differ however in Belgium there are no hills like the crazy ones up to Balquidder so it will be a skoosh for them…. leaving the car at Hull is how this adventure will begin, however we threw a spanner in the works last night as our friend has just started hiring as well as refurbishing VW campervans and he has a splitty for us when we get back so straight back home and off on a West Coast adventure up Scotland for some smashing good food & the excitement of being at last in a camper van, I have wanted a pink one with a Tartan pop up for years now so this is the closest I am getting as David from is apprehensive about my colour choice.Who says “Summer holidays are boring!”

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