It’s been too long…..

Oh my goodness what has been going on, I was talking with 2 guest on Saturday, who actually reminded me I had a blog… however also told me off for not giving out information of all my stories this year!

At the top, well I got the call from Great British Menu again, very lucky and honoured to be picked twice, I felt a lot happier going down this year as I knew more of how it all worked, I knew the production crew and most importantly the brief suited my style again!

However it will always be the SWRI to me, even though it has officially changed to SWI they have dropped the Rural bit …oh and the ladies they are up in arms to say the least, getting involved with the ladies was just excellent, learn something & pass it on they say, well they certainly helped me, with the trials & tribulations of the year of preparing for the WI centenary. Infact I just had them in for the full 4 course menu yesterday for lunch funnily enough they all gave me 10′s A few grumbles mind you when I served my new improved Clootie dumpling in Ladies bake with an Angels share. Its just not a proper clootie the mumbles went on round the table, well if I thought the first day they remarked on my fruit distribution yep you heard me !!

This time they were incandescent with rage that I had changed the entire look of DUMPLING….. a few bites in, everything calmed down to a riot, they like the different textures that the changes gave them, however only just, phew! who need Prue, Oliver & Matthew, when I can be harassed by my local Rural ladies all hard working farmers wives, they know a thing or 2 about great cooking!

Everything is still a secret as the 5th October the finals weeks is on BBC2 so tune back in after that I will give you all the gossip ;-)


Jak x



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