Scotty Brand

The next part is to inspire you to get some cooking done at home so I have picked a few different recipes to try using the fantastic new product on the shelves Scotty Brand all you need to do is look for that wee Dog.. it really is from the wee dog not that I’m saying my readers are of a certain age but cast your mind back to the old jars of Beetroot you had many moons ago well Mr Bartlett used to make the beetroot for that jar in his bath…..(so I’m told)
anyway the bath is not used any more and Scotty Brand are going from strength to strength with so many fantastic products I’ve given the Kestrel tatties a wee recipe run, click on my recipe page and have a go at the simple suppers that are sure to keep the whole family happy its Tatties after all and yer man at The Grewars & Hugh Niven picked them just for you! so go on put some in your trolley this weekend.

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