A bit wet & driech this morning at Mansefield Park Particks Farmers market, that was just the weather. the produce was out standing, I ran round did a wee shop when I got there, arriving only with a few store cupboard ingredients we had a fabulous 3 courser …
Fencebay Fisherman Home smoked single sided haddock smoked over beechwood chippings even opening the packet was a pleasure I love the smell of quality smoked fish then to that we added Scotch tatties & onions and some blue cap milk salt pepper & sprinkling of chopped chives voila Cullen Skink in 10 minutes on a camping stove in the pouring rain at Partick on a Saturday morning
Then Neil Caskie kindly gave me some Superb Heather fed Black faced lamb which I braised then served with crisp organic green vegetables scattered fresh mint over the top and some lovely Lamb gravy. As a wee extra main course in the hope that the sun would show us its smiley face I seared fabulous Kezies Ostrich Fillet and served it with Perthshire Strawberry & Raspberry with some young rhubarb salsa mixed with chives mint thyme & basil the sun did’nt pop out but the dish farely brightened the place up!! For pudding well obviously I had some brilliant Scottish berries for garnish however the main event was how to do puff candy & butterscotch sauce in under 8 minutes a great mornings work hopefully they will have me back to do Sisters Saturday Kitchen in Partick, what more do you need the best produce around & how to serve it simply……
Hope to see you there soon
Big Sis

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