Start of the year

Well i have had a great busy start to the year, and hello to eveyone who has came along to the demonstrations or indeed the Cook School Scotland you can usually catch me on Fred MacAulay BBC radio Scotland every Foodie Tuesday filling a 3 minute gap on an item of food of the week then every 3rd Tuesday and Thursday with Michelle & Stephen on STV “The Hour” having a wee cookery slot for family & budget cooking, so far no other big food shows coming up however plenty demonstrations at the Restaurants eith St Patricks night or Saturday lunch/Demonstration days there is always something on the website so keep a wee eye on for up and coming events & offers speak to you soon.

Hello am just about to do a wee interview on Glasgow/Scotlands food culture & revolution I remebered i got half way through a story as I often do at my cookery demonstrations, on saturday at Sisters Jordanhill or maybe there was a few stories…
I was giving the chat on Scotlands fabulous shellfish the story was about scallops and their differences when trying to explain, with actions! how the scallops moved through the water and there was amazing piece of footage on HFW programme Gone Fishing which was one of these fantastic late night viewing after a hard day in the kicthen…. yes i do go home and watch cookery/food shows Well especially when its in Scotland. Hugh was diving for scallops and they filmed the scallops moving just amazing and then they produced a both cooked and raw dish with the said scallops mouth watering and so proud to have this so close to home, however my elation on our wonderful larder was very much short lived as later on in the show after trying to convince the locals in Broadfoot Isle of Skye to chose Pollock over Haddock he proceeded to say “do you know what else they do in this country ?” have pudding from the chippy either it was my late night or the bottom of my wee glass of wine, I had no idea After that pause he went to the confectioner shelf of the chip shop opened the said chocolate & deep fried it, So back to my interview on revolution/culture we have an amazing reputation for growing rearing and producing the finest from the land sea & air so why oh why do we have the worst reputation for what we consume?

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