The Seafood festival

The Seafood festival was fantastic weather was very kind to us down at the Riverside museum 6th & 7th August and great chance to sneak in and see all the transport new home with the kids after my demonstration on the Sunday then on the friday it was which had a very wet start however nothing a pair of wellies didnt solve it was an Edinburgh Glastonbury type event with really Good Food we had the pleasure of The Hamiltons, Four poofs & a piano Tim Vine and our very own Mark Greenaway starring alongside the amazing magician and indeed there was some hocus pocus in the kitchen sadly for me he did’nt give a way “How did you do that?” even when i fluttered my eyelids!!

Schools started back and that was my wee fella starting on his next adventure in life and loving he is! A private cookery demonstration in Kelvingrove to celebrate a birthday went down a storm was enjoyed by all… as they adheared to my rules elasticated waists and a driver to take them home.

A fantastic healthy eating day at there afterschool team is second to none, so they are all geared up for some great experiments for the October week the children will have fun, even the staff were intirgued by the sea monster section. lots of phones out taking pictures of Craig the Crab & Larry the Lobster! On the 1st September I was asked to do a welcome walk round at Kilmarnock Continental market, so delicious food & all made for me to taste and helping in some cases it was a fantastic event and one to go in the diary for the next time they head up our way.The was that weekend with the lovely Gino D’Campo appearing some slight diva moments but nothing the accomodating burgh of Dundee couldnt pull together and Scotch Lamb were on my menu and a great combination too, the local Dundee butcher was fantastic and very helpful as Dundee College head Big Russell used all my 10hr Braised lamb that I had brought up for my here’s some I prepared earlier line so I had nothing left for my impromtu next demo and James came to the rescue. Also that week my sister & I changed our hairstyles and got some new photo’s taken for the website & cards so a wee glam day for the girls without an airbrush may I add!!

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