What is behind every good jar of Jam?

What is behind every good jar of Jam? A couple of pound of East Perthshire raspberries! Jamtastic day yesterday I attended the World premier of Love to Eat Perthshire Jampionships a day at the amazing dreels jam… packed with superb Scottish raspberries oh yes and there was pieces in jam too!! I’m always being biased to Scottish soft fruits but why shouldn’t we be? They are obviously the best in the world!! Perthshire quality is second to none. we patiently wait every year growers, chefs & shop owners it’s a fantastic time of year.However it should become more, why are we not popping up to the farms at the weekend. Picking berries can be a lot more fun & a healthier way to spend time with the family
I bet even the elder members of the family(I’ll leave the age group blank!!) would come along too, even just to have a wee scone or dare i say PIECE in the tearoom whilst they watch the youngsters do all the work!
Then once back home they can teach us how it’s done…
Up there alone they offer excellent service, locally-sourced food, quality producers and produce, and not to mention the eating establishments in Blairgowrie and East Perthshire”
That’s just the tip of of this Jam jar!!
I love jam always have always will, my wee sister loved it more, all too often getting caught having jam on just too many things ….we used to watch both our Grannie & Nana both making it differently same excitement waiting on it!!

Jam is cool & soo tasty. it reminds us of our childhoods, playing out in the sunshine with a piece in jam and mucky elbows.You give any one a piece and Jam & watch their face it went into the first cakes we made with our grannies, however the first cake i ever made (6yrs) i grilled my sponge instead of baked it that did not matter a jot as a massive dollop of homemade Jam nobody really cared I still get reminded of the grilled sponge now quite a few years on!!
Now that we’re older, we realise now that jam is fantastic with lots of things; cheese, ice cream, croissants, fish, brioche, meat, scones, pate, pancakes, waffles…
Can you imagine saying to your grandparents we shall have some of the spiced raspberry jam on the cheeseboard or the chilli laced strawberry jam served with some pate? I think not, but that’s how we roll nowadays
We are of course talking about ‘proper homemade jam’, not the cheap, junk that seems to fill the shelves nowadays. where you can really taste the Scottish fruit.
lets encourage everyone the length & breadth of the country to Invest a little more in a jar of ‘proper jam’ and they will not regret it!
Lets make jam cool again!
To establish today as an annual, JAMPIONSHIP event, celebrating the rich history of ‘jam’ and the important role it plays in our culture.
Lets ask everyone to dig out the Jam pans and enter for old time sake getting the Berry juices flowing get down loading this entry form and enter everyone you know that can make a right good jar of Raspberry jam there is no better smell than Scotch raspberries bubbling on a stove couple with with a slice of bread and you have a “Jeely piece of Heaven” Lets Pump up the Jam start rattling those jam pans and get entering into the World Jampionships go here for details
www.worldjamawards.co.uk whilst you are there pop on this site
http://www.lovetoeatperthshire.co.uk/ and STOP the bus on the way and discover what makes Blairgowrie & East Perthshire so special ask the family about stories from “The Berries” you’ll be ther a while mind you!

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